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We have the results from our hero popularity poll, a brand new community event, and more in today's Weekly Roundup!

Avzar’s first Hero Popularity Poll Results!

Avzar’s cast of heroes is growing all the time, so we figured it was about time to ask the community to vote on their *favorite* hero. We saw some heavy competition and a lot of diversity, including a 3-way tie for 2nd place!. The final results are in:

First off, our runner-ups in 2nd place are Panda, Fox Mage, and Gunslinger with 17% of the votes each!

Finally, the most popular hero in Taichi Panda, as voted on by the community, is Treasure Hunter with 33% of the total votes!

Thanks to everyone who voted in the poll, and look forward to more community events and polls on our official Facebook page in the near future!

Test your Might!

Think you’ve got the most powerful character in Avzar? Share a screenshot of your highest-level character in our latest community event and you could win some great in-game rewards! Entry rules and event details can be found by clicking the banner above - get those entries in quick, because we’re only accepting submissions until Wednesday, 8/17 at 12:00pm PST.

Avenger’s Jungle Adventure!

It’s dangerous to head into Taichi Panda’s new team instance, Nightmare Jungle alone… that is, if you don’t have a giant halberd and an insatiable thirst for revenge like Avenger. Check out a clip of Avenger tearing it up in the Nightmare Jungle by clicking the banner above!

High-res Heroes!

Want a closer look at your favorite hero? Check out our album of high-res hero screenshots on our official Facebook page by clicking the image above!

That’s all for this week - keep up to date on everything happening in the world of Taichi Panda by following us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram by clicking the buttons below!

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